A Beautiful Mind Review

A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 American biographical drama film based on the life of John Nash, a Nobel Laureate in Economics. Main actor: Russell Crowe.

A Beautiful Mind is a great story about intelligence and psychism. It breaks with two idiocies of modern society.

The first idiocy is the adoration of intelligence. Unguided intelligence always fails. Nash’s job at the United States Department of Defense illustrates this beautifully. There, Nash looks for patterns in magazines and newspapers and connects subtle dots in order to thwart Soviet plots. Nash becomes obsessive about this work and ends up seeing ghosts.

Intelligent idiocy is more common than you may think. Wall Street crises are usually that, highly intelligent schemes that ignore the wisdom of sustainable economics. Intelligent but pigheaded politics fall into the same category.

The second idiocy: Sensual experiences is all there is. Nash’s apparent paranoid schizophrenia illustrates this beautifully. Three of his friends, Charles, Marcee, and Parcher exist only in his imagination, well, Nash is literally seeing ghosts here. He is a psychic who can discern discarnate entities. His error: He thinks they are real people. At the movie’s climax, Nash realizes that the three never age and admits that they can’t be real. Nash learns how to live with his psychism. He simply accepts it and asks every new person he meets whether he or she is real or not.


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