Mechanical Translation Exodus Review

Jeff Benner, the author of A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus, is an expert in ancient Hebrew. A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Exodus is an eye-opening book. So-called literal translations of the Bible aren’t really literal and much is still lost in translation. Jeff Benner reveals a mysterious Old Testament that is different from what we are used to know.
The Genesis is the Book of Creation and the Exodus the ‘Book of Evolution’. For those who have eyes to see it narrates how the ego (Moses) is pulled out of a common career (‘drawn-out’ is the literal meaning of ‘Moses’) and thrown on the path of enlightenment and prophecy. After ascending the ‘wilderness’ to receive spiritual initiations, he descends again to liberate his personality (the nation) from the slavery of a materialistic lifestyle (Egypt).
Do you want to rediscover the lost oral spiritual tradition of ancient Judaism? Are you doing advanced Gematrical fieldwork? Longing to dig into the spiritual meaning of Biblical symbols and allegories? This is the book!

Author: Jeff A. Benner

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